Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm interested in booking John. How much does it cost?


Since there are so many factors that go into booking a show, we don’t have a set price. That said, given the craziness of John’s calendar, his ability to consider events outside of his headlining comedy tour nights is extremely limited. Please fill out the form on our Booking page and we’ll be in touch if your date & venue will work with John’s schedule.

Booking Form

Q: Can I play one of John's videos at my event?


Absolutely! All we ask is that the videos are shown in their original, unedited version, not broadcast online, & credited to @johnbcrist.

Q: How long does a live show typically last?


Approximately 90-120 minutes.

Q: Is John's show suitable for all ages?


No matter where you see the show — a theater or comedy club — John Crist shows are always family friendly. That being said, there are jokes that are more adult-themed and wouldn’t make sense to children. There are no formal age limits; however, some comedy clubs have an 18+ or 21+ age policy.


Q: Is there a photo/video policy at John's shows?


Unfortunately, videotaping is not permissible at John’s shows; however, “point and shoot” cameras/cell phones are permissible for photography so long as a flash is not used. Patrons should remain in their seat to take photos and not move into the aisles or walkways for purposes of a photograph.

Q: If I'd like to send a piece of physical mail, is there a mailbox John can be reached at?


Sure! P.O. Box 40268, Nashville, TN 37204

Q: Can John make me a video? Can I request a birthday shout out from John?


Yes, John loves connecting with his fans through his videos! Send a request to John here: 



Q: Have a question about a merch order?


Email our merch support team at  for all of your merch needs!

Q: Have a question about your tickets?


Email for all ticketing questions!


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